Electric Urn. Advance III

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Electric Urn. Advance III

* made of high grade stainless steel SUS304
* seamless production technology
* German Hogastra heating technology
* eco-friendly; save up to 22% engery
* equiped with 4-way safety system: thermal cut out at 100˚C, 145˚C, 200˚C and 318˚C
* automatic cut out  when heater malfuntion is detected
* inclusive of heat shield that protect againt hot surface
* water proof switch
* water level indicator made of glass tube
* certified by Thai Industrial Standard TIS 1878-2007

Items #Items NameItem NumberDim. (cm)Height (cm)Cap. (L)WattageVoltageRemark
1Electric Urn. Advance III114416Ø30N/A172400w230vN/A
2Electric Urn. Advance III114414Ø26N/A112400w230vN/A
3Electric Urn. Advance III114415Ø28N/A142400w230vN/A

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