Noodle pot with lid 36cm, Chef

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Noodle pot with lid 36cm, Chef
 Product Features:

* manufactured using high chromium stainless steel (greater than 12%)
* corrosion and rust resistance
* manufactured using single sheet 0.6mm stainless steel using advanced technology
* Thai Industrial Standard certified
* Product of Thailand
Items #Items NameItem NumberDim. (cm)Height (cm)Cap. (L)Remark
1Noodle pot with lid 36cm, Chef272361Ø36 W: 42.53636N/A
2Noodle pot with lid 40cm, Chef272401Ø40 W:47.33948N/A
3Noodle pot with lid 45cm, Chef272451Ø45 W:534469N/A
4Noodle pot with lid 50cm, Chef272500Ø50 W:595095N/A

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