Casserole with lid 20xH8cm, Fundicion

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Casserole with lid 20xH8cm, Fundicion
 Product Features:

* great robustness and resistance
* high quality coating which is PFOA Free
* one piece casting
* can be used in conventional oven up to 300ºc
* tempered glass lid
* suitable for vitro, electric, gas and induction cooker
* dishwasher safe
* 2 pieces silicone mitten inclusive
Items #Items NameItem NumberDim. (cm)Height (cm)Cap. (L)Remark
1Casserole with lid 20xH8cm, Fundicion259212082.4N/A
2Casserole with lid 24xH10cm, Fundicion2592424104.2N/A
3Casserole with lid 28xH11.5cm, Fundicion259282811.56.7N/A